Our aim & approach

What & How

We aim to build strong intellectual property (IP) by applying scientific research conducted in house, and make it commercially available to third parties.

We collaborate closely with partnering companies that provide full stack and app development, in order to deliver a complete service package to our clients.

millennials.ai takes a specific approach when it comes to supporting businesses in directly applying AI.

First, the team formulates the right strategy for designing the needed algorithms based on internal and external data a company might have. Then implementation follows, directly followed by the testing phase. All these steps are done in strong consultation with the client to guide the transition to a more data driven business approach.

Long term strategy

The long term strategy of millennials.ai is to gain a strong market position in order to join supply and demand of in-house algorithms. This is preferably done through a platform on which interaction between millennials.ai and clients is minimized, which will maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of applying AI for small and medium enterprises.